Vishal Nagar

Director, Operations

Vishal Nagar is a Director, Operations of WRVI Capital — a technology venture fund established in 2019 focussed on accelerating the monetization and scaling of disruptive companies globally.

Vishal is also Director, Operations at IndusAge Partners — an India & US focussed venture fund.

With over 15 years of operational expertise in event management and entrepreneurship in the commercial and nonprofit sectors, Vishal has led several arts and heritage organizations in India and the US, collaborating in numerous cross-cultural projects. Vishal, a consummate artist, has served as an ambassador of Indian culture from a very young age, performing with great musicians from all over the world.

Backed by a deep expertise in commercial business, Vishal leverages his intuitive sense and engaging style as Director, Operations at WRVI, where he is responsible for ensuring seamless and comprehensive communication related to fund activities, portfolio development, and pipeline management.