Ganesh Krishnan

Director, Operations

Ganesh Krishnan is a Director, Operations of WRVI Capital — a technology venture fund established in 2019 focussed on accelerating the monetization and scaling of disruptive companies globally.

Ganesh is also Manager – Accounts, Finance & Administration at IndusAge Partners — an India & US focussed venture fund — and at IndusAge Advisors.

Ganesh is a systems thinker, well-versed with module and process design for organizational information flow, corporate communications, and statutory compliances. His vast experiences allow him to understand the day-to-day realities in the fields he advises, providing actionable information and key insights to all stakeholders.

With over 32 years of experience in accounting and finance in wholesale distribution, international publishing, manufacturing, and retail supply, Ganesh helps guide operations at WRVI Capital, delivering adminstrative efficiency and operational acumen to core business functions.